Welcome to the Laguna Niguel Football Association (LNFA). We cultivate a recreationally competitive environment where our players and teams can express their love for the beautiful game. We host three divisions; 11v11 Sunday, 7v7 Wednesday and Coed Friday which are founded on Compassion, Discipline and Family. Our association is affiliated with Cal South, USASA, USSF and FIFA. We have been providing quality football since 1996.

Like our players, teams and our game which evolve over time the LNFA drives continuous improvements leveraging our experience and technology to implement simple and effective policies. You can view our policies through our Information menu. Our success is founded on the long term relationships we cultivate with our players and teams which enjoy football with us over many years. We host two seasons annually which are approximately 16 to 20 matches in length. The Spring Season runs from January through June and hosts league seasons and a cup, mug or playoff competition. The Fall Season runs from July through December and hosts our summer programs as well as league seasons. 

For youth play please visit the Laguna Niguel Youth Soccer Association (LNYSA).

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All players must be registered with the LNFA and Cal South, our state association for affiliated football. New players (who have a team) may register here. If you are a new player looking for a team please complete our Find a Team process by selecting Find a Team. You will be able to respond to advertisements which our teams have posted and you will have the ability to add yourself to our Free Agent List. All players are responsible for following LNFA policies. Please review divisional policies online under our Information menu.

Please note that in addition to the dues you pay to your team for membership in the LNFA and referees fees there is an annual fee paid to Cal South for CS membership benefits when you register with them. For more information please visit Cal South’s website and the adult affiliation information. If applicable, players should pay particular attention to the terms of the supplemental medical insurance.


Do you have a team ready for quality football? If you are a new team looking to join the LNFA please Contact Us and provide a contact phone number. Also, please visit and review the divisional policies for the division or divisions you wish to participate in. This information will supplament a phone conversation. We accept new teams as needed to support expansion or replace current teams which have reached the final whistle. Our success is founded on the long term relationships we cultivate with our players and teams which enjoy football with us over many years, not from season to season. Teams should have strong leadership consisting of Captains who will work with the LNFA to provide our players and teams with quality football. Teams are administrated independently of the LNFA.

Teams also receive access to valuable team management tools (see below, Team Management Tools - League Lobster). 

Teams should budget for the following items:

  • Association dues which are paid to the LNFA in January and July. Contact us for current rates.
    • Twice annually within 30 days of the start of the season.
  • Referees fees which are paid to the referees before each game.
    • See division specific policies for rates.
    • Approx. 16 to 20 matches per season.
  • General costs associated with running a team such as uniforms, tournaments etc.  

Team Management Tools - League Lobster

The LNFA is powered by League Lobster providing you with the tools you need to focus on the game you love. Spend more time enjoying your time on the field and less time working off of it.

Enjoy the following features:

  • Team Page – This football management “Swiss Army Knife” will be your one stop shop for team activities and its your roster. Available from any device such as a smart phone or tablet, your team page will give you access to the following features.
  • Attendance Management Tools – Your team page will automatically notify everyone when you have matches and automatically keep track of who will be attending. Responses will be clearly visible on your team page and in automated notices which will keep everyone updated on who will be attending.
  • Mobile Match Day – No more player cards, game cards or paper rosters. All match day activities are administrated using our online system.
  • Find Players – Post an advertisement for a specific position or browse the Free Agent List to bring in new players.
  • Communicate and Chat – Each team page has a chat wall which you can use to keep everyone updated on your team activities. Recall those great moments and inspire one another before the big match!
  • Next Match and Last Match – See your next match details on your team page. Use the Last Match link to go back in time and look back at previous match detail.
  • Collect Team Dues Online – No more chasing players down for money. Use our online tools to collect team dues and keep track of everything in one place.
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11v11 Sundays

7v7 Wednesdays